Heather Fink Breaks Her Own Rule?
May 8, 2008
A little over two weeks ago, we linked to an article over at The Comic's Comic, a great comedy commentary site we link to often and check several times a day. The article (direct link: http://thecomicscomic.typepad.com/thecomicscomic/2008/04/stand-up-comics.html) referenced Heather Fink's apparent frustration with other female comics using their sexuality to market themselves and her unwillingness to do the same. This particular quote jumped out at me:
"It's not acceptable for you to ask me to be eye candy or an accessory in your comedy bit. I am a f***ing writer and a motherf***ing comedian, and you're disrespecting my goddamn credibility. Write me some real lines and then we will talk." (not sure if the censorship was in the original message sent - I'd guess it wasn't, but I took the quote directly from The Comic's Comic)
Well yesterday, this video came across the ChuckleDumper desk:
That's her at the beginning, getting her ass slapped. Her only line in the video is "Good morning, Mr. Anderson." Granted, she did write and direct the video. And yes, in her manifesto on why she won't serve as viral video eye candy, she did except videos she wrote. But that seems like an arbitrary distinction to me. Either you have a problem with women using their own sexuality to empower themselves or you don't. As a general rule, I fall mostly into the "don't" camp, by the way - I just find it challenging to intellectually balance Fink's comments and her video without adding a small dash of hypocrisy. Or maybe I'm reading too much into this. Tell me why I'm off base.
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