Random Member, Stupid Prize Winner
We're proud to announce that the first winner of our Random Member, Stupid Prize contest is none other than DaymonFerguson. As a result, his very own VHS copy of "The Best of Backyard Wrestling: Future Kings of the Ring" is currently being shipped.
From the back cover of this highly coveted piece of American nostalgia:
"This is the controversial tape that America is talking about! Some people don't want you to see this wild footage - don't let them decide what's right for you!" - Rick Mahr, President Backyard Wrestling, Inc.
If you think pro wrestling goes to the extreme, you ain't seen nothin' yet!
This isn't undercover cop footage. And this isn't Dad's home video of the family BBQ. This is THE BEST OF BACKYARD WRESTLING! Welcome to our shocking, underground circus world of violence! And say hello to the millennium's new genre of sports entertainment mayhem!
We guarantee you'll watch this outrageous, certified 100% HARDCORE videotape again and again...You'll wet your pants as you see, hear, and feel all the roof divin'...chair bashin'...table crashin'...trash talkin'...barbed wire backyard action!
Get extreme...Get insane...Get THE BEST OF BACKYARD WRESTLING: Future Kings Of The Ring!" Vol. 1
You won't believe what's going on in America's backyards!
But this is only the beginning. Our next Stupid Prize drawing is tomorrow, and winning is as easy as pie. All you have to do to win is be a member of our site (click "Register" on the top of this page) and, while you're logged in, leave a comment on something on our site. It's just that simple.
"What's the prize?" you ask. We're not telling, but we can guarantee it'll be exceedingly stupid. So spread the word, leave some comments and be a winner.
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