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May 13, 1983

Turning pain and tragedy into laughs. That’s the mission statement of Long Island comedian, Mersh, whose dark and brutally honest vision allows him to break a topic down to it’s simplest form, and show you that anything can be funny, if it’s in the right context. Originally from Long Island, NY, Mersh was raised by his drunk insane Irish family (A genetic carnival) to always respond to heartbreak with humor. And his childhood provided him with no shortage of both. Shy, introverted and nervous one moment, and obnoxious, hilarious and bombastic the next, he almost has two distinctly different personalities. His only true joy comes from taking the stage and making people laugh as hard as possible. And it shows in his performances. Only a few shows in, he has already shown a diverse array of offensive and edgy material, which is guaranteed to make you laugh while simultaneously making you feel bad for doing so. He is one of Comedy By The Beach’s regular performers. He has also made an appearance on Television’s “One Tree Hill”, and was the first comedian in history to ever rock the main stage at X-Fest, an annual radio-sponsored rock concert in Kinston, NC. He performed with rock bands Fuel, Flyeleaf and Chevelle. He also has several years experience as a radio personality, having worked for WSFL, 99x and Rock 105. More recently, he advanced to the Comedy Cabana’s Comedy Contest Finals in Myrtle Beach, NC. Now back in New York, he is making the rounds in the New York scene, slaughtering crowds in the World’s capital of comedy. As a comic and most recent addition to the cast of “Hate Speech Radio” on, this young comic is quickly becoming a recognizable name in the local scene, and his reach is only growing!

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