We're an upstart humor website, and our biggest objectives continue to be posting the funniest content on the web and building up our site's traffic. Maintaining great relationships with our advertisers is obviously really high on the list too, but going out and trying to sell ads to companies doesn't even rate. There just aren't enough hours in the day. That said, we know that we've got something special going on here, and we think you'll find advertising on ChuckleDumper offers some unique advantages.
Our Audience. ChuckleDumper might be smaller than some of the other humor sites out there, but we're growing every day. Our promotional activities are targeted towards comics and fans of comedy - they're who we built the site for, so in that regard we can offer a level of targeting many other sites can't.
Personal Attention. Every aspect of ChuckleDumper, from the web design right down to the content, is run by two guys - Jack & Brian. We don't have a staff. We don't have assistants. We don't have a sales department. You'll always be working directly with one of us. And we're really easy to deal with.
Data Tracking. We don't currently have the traffic tracking abilities of some larger websites. As you can imagine, we're in the process of exploring options to fix this. We're always up front with the best data we have available, and we make it a point that when there is an area of uncertainty, we make sure it works out to the advertiser's benefit.
We offer two different ways to advertise on ChuckleDumper: Banner Ads and Sponsored Links.
Banner Ads. We have three banner-ad positions throughout our site: A 728x90 leaderboard at the top of each page, and two 160x600 wide skyscrapers down the right column. Ads can be purchased in intervals of 1000 impressions or can be purchased to have run of the site for a given date. We don't allow any NSFW banner ads, and any audio in a banner ad must be user initiated. All ads are subject to our approval.
Sponsored Links. They appear in the content area of ChuckleDumper's homepage, along with a link back to your website, an appropriate headline, disclosure of the fact that the link is sponsored, and a page where members of the ChuckleDumper community can leave comments. Advertisers can select what date and approximate time they want their sponsored link to appear, but to avoid clutter on the homepage we don't allow more than two sponsored links on the homepage over any 7-day period.
If you have any questions about advertising on, or to discuss rates, send an e-mail to Jack ( or Brian (
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Eventually, we'll have our traffic data right here as a handy reference for advertisers and users who give a crap. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to do this yet, but I'm working on it.