About Us / FAQ
What is ChuckleDumper? ChuckleDumper is a continuously updated humor website and a place for comics and fans of comedy to socialize. Every day we post the freshest, funniest content from around the web with a focus on viral videos, stand-up, and sketch comedy.
Who runs/owns ChuckleDumper? Every aspect of ChuckleDumper, from the web design right down to the daily upkeep, is run by two guys from Long Island, Jack McCloy and Brian McGuinness. Brian is a stand-up comic, and Jack is a comedy fan. You can find out more about us by clicking on our names and checking out our profiles.
How do you find the stuff that gets posted on ChuckleDumper? It's pretty simple, really. We get submissions from members of the site, and we spend a lot of our own time surfing the web. When we come across something that makes us laugh, we put it up. It's our goal to find stuff early, sort the good from the bad, and post the funny items before they end up everywhere else across on the web.
How do I comment on something? Every item we post has a comments page. For most videos and some pictures, the comment page comes right up. For news stories and other stuff we can't embed in one of our pages, just click on the link that says how many comments there have been. Anyone can leave a comment - if you've got a ChuckleDumper account, your comment gets posted immediately. If you don't, it has to be approved first so we don't develop a problem with comment spam. So create an account.
What are the comment posting rules? We try to find the right balance between not censoring people and making sure the comment pages contintue to provide a fun forum for comics and comedy fans to talk about stuff that's funny. It's not always an easy call, but here are the general guidelines we go by:
No ads in the comments. That's not what the comment pages are for.
No lawbreaking. This is more to protect our own asses than anything, but there are certain things that are illegal to post, like encouraging others to perform illegal acts, posting copyrighted images or text, or posting someone else's private contact information. So don't do it.
Don't harass other commenters. Unless they really deserve it, or it's really funny. This becomes one of those judgement calls on our part - sometimes these little battles make the comment pages more fun, sometimes they do the opposite. When you're posting stuff, just try to remember that we're a humor site that people visit looking for a laugh, so try and keep comments in that spirit.
Don't post NSFW images. Link to them instead. We don't mind the fact that something is not safe for work, but we also don't want to get readers in trouble for checking us out at work. The happy medium is that anything that's NSFW should be labled as such and linked to. That way, people can choose whether or not they want it on their screen. We don't have any banned words on the comment pages, but you also shouldn't consider the f-bomb repeated 20 times in a row to be a worthwhile comment. We do keep the homepage swear-word free, mostly for people who want to use ChuckleDumper as their homepage.
Those are the biggies. If we think of anything else worth adding we'll add it, but we really don't see the need for having a ton of rules. We're pretty sure that pretty much everone here is here for the laughs and will be posting in the right spirit, and we hope it stays that way.
How do I create an account? It's just like pretty much every other website out there. Just click the "create an account" link on the navigation bar. Registration is quick, free, and easy.
How do I submit a link? Any member of the ChuckleDumper community can submit a link just by clicking "Submit a Link" on the navbar. So if you find (or do) something funny that we may have missed, submit it and let us know.
How can I advertise on ChuckleDumper? We've got a whole page that talks about the advertising oppertunities we offer. Just click here for all the info.
I have a question that isn't listed here. How do I ask it? It's really important to us that we keep the lines of communication open with fans of the site. If you've got any feedback or a question that this FAQ didn't answer, click here to get to our contact page and drop us a line. We always appreciate the feedback.
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