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When we first started ChuckleDumper, we really only had three goals for the website. 1) Feature the funniest content on the web, 2) Don't water down the site with any filler, and 3) Make it easier for undiscovered comics to get noticed. It was also important to us that we keep the site pure. We don't have a staff, and we're not backed by any company or deep-pocketed investors. Every aspect of ChuckleDumper, from the web design to the daily upkeep, is run by two guys from Long Island, NY - stand-up comic Brian McGuinness and comedy fan Jack McCloy. ChuckleDumper is the manifestation of our passion for comedy.
If you're a fan of comedy too, or you just enjoy the site and want to support what we're building, here are a couple of things you can do to help us grow.
Check out the site often. Duh. We've got great new content on the homepage every day, and a lot of the time we're able to find good stuff and get it up on our homepage before the other comedy sites even know about it. The single biggest thing you can do to help us out is check us out when you're looking for a laugh.
Tell a friend. If you're enjoying the site, tell your friends. Then they'll finally know how cool you really are.
Leave a comment. Especially if you've got something funny or interesting to say. We're building a community where comics and comedy fans can come and enjoy a good laugh together, but it's pretty hard to have a community if no one's talking to each other. So be a doll and join the conversation.
Register as a user. Your comments will be posted immediately (non-user comments need to be approved first so we don't get overrun with spam), get credit for the links you submit, and set up a profile. And you'll even get a handy profile number so everyone else will know that you were here first. Or, if you weren't here first, you'll get a bigger number. And bigger is better.
When you see (or do) something funny, submit it. We spend a ton of time seeking out stuff to put on the homepage, but the internet is huge and there's no way we can search every site that's out there. If you create something funny that we should check out, or if you come across something on another site that makes you laugh, go to the Submit a Link page and let us know about it. It really helps us out.
Add us on myspace. And put us in your top friends. We don't do any conventional advertising, so any exposure we can get on the social networking sites helps us out big time. And we're pretty sure your old high school buddy you haven't talked to in 6 months won't care if he gets bumped from your top 8. We're cooler than he is anyway.
Support our advertisers. They're the people who make it possible for us to keep the site going. The major purpose of ChuckleDumper is comedy, not making money - that's why we don't allow any pop-ups, annoying audio ads, or those expanding ads that you have to close out of. That said, there are costs associated with keeping a website online, and it'd be kind of nice to be able to make some beer money off of this thing we've spent a year and a half building. We don't expect anyone to blindly support our advertisers or anything, but if one of the ads catches your eye and you happened to check it out, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
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Eventually, we'll have our traffic data right here as a handy reference for advertisers and users who give a crap. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to do this yet, but I'm working on it.