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We offer several different RSS feeds of ChuckleDumper content so you can stay up to date on everything we post or only get the stuff you personally use the site for.
Most Popular Feeds
Everything We Post. It's how the true comedy & humor fan stays up to date. All the content that goes up on our homepage is included in this feed.
The Dump of the Day. The single best video each day. It's what everyone will be e-mailing to each other from work tomorrow.
ChuckleDumper Radio. A podcast of the radio show we broadcast live every Thursday night. You can also download the episodes individually or subscribe on iTunes from our podcast page.
Single Category Feeds
(Everything that's in one of our single category feeds also shows up in our "Everything We Post" feed.)
Videos. ChuckleDumper has a history of finding and posting some of the web's hottest viral videos before most of the other sites even know they exist. Now you can get them as soon as we post them.
News. The latest news from the world of comedy, plus news of the weird from around the globe.
Stand-Up. Top comics and talented up-and-comers performing on stage.
Articles. Writings about comedy, stuff written by comics, and other combinations of words on paper that will make you laugh.
Pictures. Photographs, illustrations, and comic cartoons.
Web Stuff. Strange websites, parody websites, and other stuff that doesn't fit neatly into one of our other categories.
Games. In case you're looking to kill some time with a free flash game.
Site Stuff. Original stuff that we do and news regarding the site and the radio show..
Dump Of The Day
Kitten Learns Valuable Lesson
Eventually, we'll have our traffic data right here as a handy reference for advertisers and users who give a crap. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to do this yet, but I'm working on it.