So, we don't actually have a store set up. Sorry if you were really hoping for one. It's not that we don't have a ton of great ideas for t-shrits, hats, mousepads, and other stuff we could be selling - we do. And eventually you'll be able to find all of it right here. Unfortunately, until we get this site off the ground, we don't have the bankroll to actually start producing any of it, and we didn't want to go with a third-party provider and have to worry about products of inferior quality. That's not our style.
In the meantime, here's a list of site's that sell great t-shirst and other crap we think you'll like.
Retailers That Sponsor Our Growth The Joke's on YOU! They're one of the biggest humorous t-shirt company in the industry, and they're adding new shirts all the time. Jack has bought a handful of shirts through them, and they've always worn well. Even better, when you click on the link to the left to buy a Busted Tee, they toss us a couple of bucks. So you can look good and support your favorite comedy site (assuming that's us) all at the same time.
Defunker: Really good clothing. The shirts are made by the same company as Busted Tees, but there a little more artistic. Like the shirts skinny white guys from Brooklyn wear. And just like Busted Tees, when you buy a shirt from Defunker through us, we get a couple dollars to help us build up the site.
Snorg Tees. Their designs are similar to Busted Tees, but different. They've got a wide selection of ironic shirts, and they add new designs every week. Just like Busted Tees and Defunker, they give us a piece of the action when you buy a shirt from them. But you have to click the link on this page. Otherwise, how would they know?
Other Stores We Really Like
The Onion Store. Aside from consistantly having some of the funniest original content on the web, did you know The Onion had a store? They've got a little of everything there, from funny t-shirts to beer glasses and gag gifts. There's some really good stuff on there.
No Star Clothing. It's another online store that sells original, funny t-shirts. Are you noticing a theme here yet?
PalmerCash. Of all the online stores listed here, PalmerCash has the widest selection of currently-available shirts. They also feature a bunch of shirts for under $10, and a flat rate of $4.50 for shipping, no matter how many shirts you buy.
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Eventually, we'll have our traffic data right here as a handy reference for advertisers and users who give a crap. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to do this yet, but I'm working on it.