Comics We Like
Some Up And Coming Comedians Worth Keeping An Eye On
Brian McGuinness. New York City based stand-up comic, co-founder of and co-founder of the monthly-ish comedy show "La Boca" at Gotham Comedy Club.
Eric Andre. Credits include "Live At Gotham". He also also makes guest appearances as a Geico caveman and on the commercials for "Rock Band."
Dewey Banks. Originally from North Carolina, he's a master of storytelling and co-founder of the monthly-ish comedy show "La Boca" at Gotham Comedy Club.
Ben Boime. Originally from Boston. He's a Jew.
Pat Breslin. From New Jersey, Pat's a regular at New York City and New Jersey comedy clubs as well as colleges up and down the east coast.
Rob Cioffi. The King of Suffolk County comedy.
Michael Ennis. One of the founders of the Straight Men Comedy sketch group. Don't mix him up with the Australian rugby player of the same name. This Michael Ennis doesn't play for the Brisbane Broncos.
Josh Filipowski. The founder of Like 2 Laugh comedy. He's innocently blue and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.
Lewis Fishburn. See. We're not racist. We like black comics too.
Jared Gillespie.
Matt Muragno.
Joe Pontillo. From Long Island, Joe is a regular at many rooms around New York City and performs all over the East Coast. You may have seen him on TLC, the Magrack, in the New York Times or two rows behind you at the movies talking through it.
Jeremy Schachter. Jeremy's the absolute favorite comic of ChuckleDumper. We say that about others but we only mean it about Jeremy. (Editor's Note: We let Jeremy write his own description)
Ryan Waning. A funny stand up comic from Portland, ME. They have comics in cities other than New York, L.A., Chicago and Boston? Who knew?
Rob White. Comic and tattoo artist from Long Island, New York. Also one of the hosts of Nobody Listens To Us Radio.
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